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Our Factory Visit

Sometimes, for the small investment clients, they might be inconvenient to pay a visit to our factory because of the less project budget or hard to get the visa. For the big factory scale investments clients, they might have the enough time to see our factory in real. Please take shot time, to see the follwing content, hopefully, you will get a general idea about our factory.

More than 90% of the Machine Spare Parts Made by Our own Factory

In most cases for the factory, there are generally two types, one is the assembling factory, they have the core technology of the machines, so they buy the spare parts from other factory and just do the spare parts assembling, but they cannot always ensure the spare parts quality. The other type factory, is like us, a spare parts all self made and do the assembling process. This ensure us to gurantee all the spare parts quality and have the strong and core competitiveness.

Drying and polishing machine in stock
Auto Feeding Wood Log Saw Cutting Machine

Our Local Client Factory

Ice Cream Stick Stoving & Polishing Machine In Factory
Ice Cream Sticks Arranging Machine
Ice Cream Sticks Selecting Machine in Factory

Finished Machine for our clients

tongue depressor carved cutting machine
Heat Exchanger Plate
Wood Board Multi Blades Square Timber Saw Machine
Plate Type Wood Segment Cutting Machine

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