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Big Scale Ice Cream Sticks Factory

In General, we judge a factory scale mainly based on its Tri-carved cutting machine amount.

For a standard factory of ice cream sticks manufacture, we suggest the following machine list configuration:

  • Ice Cream Sticks Wood Log Cutting Machine  1 Set
  • Ice Cream Sticks  Wood Rotary Cutting Machine 1 Set
  • Tri-carved Cutting Machine 3 Set
  • Stoving and Polishing Machine  4 Sets
  • Ice Cream Sticks Selecting Machine 8 Sets
  • Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine 16 Sets
  • Dust Removing and Polishing Machine 1 Set
  • Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine 8 Sets
our factory whole view
Drying and polishing machine in stock

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