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How to Set the Ice Cream Sticks Production line

How to Set the Ice Cream Sticks Production line

Most of our new clients will always ask one similar questions, shall we purchase all the machines listed below to start the ice cream sticks production line?

  • Ice Cream Sticks Wood Log Cutting Machine
  • Ice Cream Sticks Wood Rotary Cutting Machine
  • Tri-carved Cutting Machine
  • Stoving and Polishing Machine
  • Ice Cream Sticks Selecting Machine
  • Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine
  • Dust Removing and Polishing Machine
  • Ice Cream Sticks Bundling Machine

Generally, for the developing countries, like India, Nigeria, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, etc, the following three machines are enough, Wood Rotary Cutting Machine, Tri-carved Cutting Machine, Stoving and Polishing Machine.

If they want to sell the finished ice cream sticks, tongue depressor, coffee stirrers to other coutries, like USA, Japan, Saudi Arabic, they need to purchase the following machine, ice cream sticks chamfering machine, ice cream sticks selecting machine, ice cream sticks bundling machine, etc. 

ice cream stick production line
114 mm ice cream sticks


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