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One End Round Big Wooden Coffee Stirrer

One End Round Big Wooden Coffee Stirrer is one type of the wooden coffee stirrers, generallly, the coffee stirrer can be divided as one end round big and 160 mm common wooden coffee stirrer and plastic coffee stirrers.


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One End Round Big Wooden Coffee Stirrer

Wood Cutlery Tri-carved Cutting Machine is mainly used for punching cut the wooden Spoon, Wooden Forks, Wooden Knife, Ice Cream Sticks, Tongue Depressor, Coffee Stirrers, Wooden Magnum, etc. It is very easy to handle with a big producing capacity.

Wooden Spoon/Forks/Spoon Production Line

Wooden spoon Whole processing line

Our Customer and Previous Project:

With more than 10 years developing, Newood has already become the World’s leading manufactures for Ice Cream Sticks Making Machine, Tongue Depressor Making Machine, Wooden Spoon Making Machine, Wooden Coffee Stirrers Making machine, etc.

Until now, we have already exported to the following countries with our One-Stop A-Z projects plan. You only need to send one inquiry, the others will be our responsiblity.

Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Iran, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabic, Algeria, Afghanistan, etc.

In Iran, we have set up three complete line, 93/114 mm Ice Cream Sticks Production Line, 140/150 mm Tongue Depressor Production Line, and 160 mm Wooden Spoon Production Line.

  • In Vietnam, we have set up a complete Wooden Spoon Production Line.
  • In Algeria, two complete line for Tongue Depressor, one is 140 mm Child Tongue Depressor Production Line and the other one is the 150 mm Adult Tongue Depressor Production Line.
  • In Saudi Arabic, a line with Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine, Selecting Machine, Bundling machine.
  • In Brazil, Argetina, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabic, etc. Punching Machine and Wooden Spoon Hot Press Machine are popular.

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